Verse of the Week: Proverbs 24:5


Friends, it is our deepest desire that you would grow so deeply in love with Jesus that you would SURRENDER all things unto Him, grow in His knowledge and wisdom, and be able to Birth for His Glory.  Even more than just birth, we pray that in all areas of your life, you would come to know Him so intimately that you would be able to SURRENDER to Him in all things.

God’s word says:

 A wise man is full of strength, and a man of knowledge enhances his might…

Proverbs 24:5

In life we will face many challenging, trying, character-forming events, with labor and birth being just one of those times in our journey. It would be such an incredible weapon in our artillery against the enemy and the sinful ways of the world to seek the wisdom which provides strength and the knowledge that enhances our might!

A huge part of equipping our arsenal is to put God’s word to memory.  To be able to easily speak His word of truth over our lives, our children’s lives, our friends, and our family, as well as during those moments where we need refuge, strength, and the Lord’s might.

It is this godly wisdom, this treasured truth, that gives us a supernatural strength in times of trouble or hardship or challenge.  It is the deep knowledge of Christ and His promises which enhances our might and enables us to continue to “battle” when the war is waged.

Hold fast to His word today, mama.  When you feel weak…be strong.  When you feel undone…seek His refuge.  When you need joy…sing His praises.

Mama, you are so powerful when you live in the might of the Father.  He has created you to be this incredible force in the life of your family, your husband, your children.  You give life.  You are called to raise arrows who serve Jesus.  The battle for a labor and birth which glorifies the Lord is just the beginning.  Be filled with His strength and grow to know Him so much that you are enhanced in might!

Download this printable or phone lock screen to be reminded this week of God’s truth.   #SurrenderBirth


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