Passage to Read: John 4:1-15

Verse of the Week: John 4:14

The absolute LAST thing I wanted to do in labor was drink. My midwife and doula kept offering me drinks, but I was so wrapped up in the pain I didn’t want to drink.

We seek joy and satisfaction in so many things. Essentially, every single choice we make is made from a desire to seek joy.

We are all joy addicts. We all want happiness and satisfaction in life, don’t we?

We all have this same desire because it is a desire that God has placed within us for Himself. There is nothing wrong with seeking joy and satisfaction, because we are all created to do so. The problem lies in where we seek to find that joy and satisfaction.

Jesus tells this sinful woman that all of her years of thirst and seeking earthly things can be fulfilled only in Him. She doesn’t ever have to thirst again. Could you imagine what this must have felt like?

He will quench our deepest thirst perfectly, because He created our thirst.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in things that we think will bring us joy. A healthy pregnancy, a beautiful birth, an adorable baby, even just a relaxing day. These are all good things and they do bring joy, but they will never quench the thirst within us.

I was so distracted by the pain of contractions that I had refused to drink. By the end of my really long labor, what I needed so desperately was some fluids. So, I chugged a smoothie in between pushes (I have a picture to prove it!), and 20 minutes later my baby boy was born.

We can get so distracted by what the world has to offer that we forget to drink.

Let’s come to Him today thirsty, wanting and desiring more of Him.


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