Verse of the Week

Colossians 2:6-7

In Him. 

The most beautifully profound two words in the entire Bible.

Without these two words there would be no true hope, no true joy, no true grace, no true love.

By nothing we did or deserve, we are rooted in Him by His love for us. We don’t deserve His favor or love. We deserve death.

But, instead of giving us what we deserve, because of Christ, we have access to be rooted and built up in Him.

It is in Him that Believers walk. We don’t just receive Christ and then walk this journey by our own strength and ability. It is in the same ways that we received Christ, through faith and by grace, we walk, and birth, and mother, and live.

The truth of the gospel is not just for when we are saved. The truth of the gospel is for our every day. The truth of the gospel is for our pregnancies and our births. The truth of the gospel is for right now.

The truth of the gospel is for our growth not just for our salvation.

Jesus didn’t just die for my salvation, Jesus died for my today. He died so that today, I can be in Him.

Jesus came not so that our slate would be wiped clean. Jesus came to give us His slate and take upon Himself ours. He came so that we could be in communion with God.

When we are rooted in Him, we find true hope, true joy, true grace, true love. 


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