Briefly tell us about your family.

My wife and I met and married right out of highschool. Everyone thought it was a bad idea, when it was actually the best idea I’ve ever had! We have three kids. Gracelyn, who is a spitting image of the beauty and personality of my wife. My son, Kade, is a tender warrior, and my youngest daughter Selah is going to be the humble, meek, perfect child (is that too much of a burden to place on a 5 month old?). Christ met me about 2 years ago. And literally life has never been the same … Thank God.

The Schweitzer Family

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I hate feeling a pulse. Specifically, when doctors check my blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor.

Do you thrive in the early mornings or late evenings?

I’m a night owl. My night begins at 12:00am. If I had it my way, I would choose to be a morning person (at this stage of life).

What did you do before joining Surrender Birth?

I am the interactive designer for a web development company in Tempe, AZ.

What made you want to join the Surrender Birth team?

I believe the Bible is very clear that God is the life-giver and the life-taker. Because of this profound truth, I find myself marveling at the gift of life. Being a part of that process is not what excites me the most or what makes me want to be a part of Surrender, however. Rather, it is leading my wife into a deeper, more profound experience with our Savior that uniquely comes when you are expecting a baby, birthing, and parenting. It is a daily picking up of the cross, dying to self, and surrendering to the only thing worth surrendering to, which is Christ, and he is worth everything.

What can we expect your role to be with Surrender Birth?

Making this site functionally beautiful and keeping the brand identity consistent (i.e., making banners, buttons, pictures and more)! Hopefully that “more” is writing some posts for men to help lead their wives in this season of life.

What strengths will you bring to Surrender Birth?

I want it to be easy for people to access and read this information, so I will make sure that the site is running smoothly and consistently.

What is one lesson God has taught you through birth?

God is sovereign and just in all that he does and allows

How do you think ‘surrendering’ relates to birth?

We are put into what seems to be a desperate situation that is muddled by opinions, doctors, midwives, and more opinions and judgments. Not to mention the expenses after the birth, the not sleeping, the vaccination war, the different styles of parenting, and … more judgements. If we surrender our birth, we keep ourselves humble from making judgements (though that’s a whole different topic). It is a safegaurd for boasting (1 Corinthians 1:31Therefore, as it is written: 'Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.'). Birth is accomplished only through the hands of the sovereign deliverer, Christ. Surrendering is what Christ calls us to do. In fact, it is what distinguishes a Christian from a non-Christian. Have you surrendered under the Lordship of Christ? If so, he calls us to trust him and obey him not just for our own sakes (because he is good), but because He deserves to be glorified in and through all things (1 Corinthians 10:31So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.).

If you had to sum up what you want couples to gain from Surrender Birth, what would it be?

Taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8Add a Tooltip Text). To treasure Christ above your child and above your “experience” so that He might be seen as supreme and glorified.

What stirs your affections for Jesus?

Singing and space heaters.

What is your favorite passage in Scripture?

Right now… probably all of  Psalm 103.

How do you plan to assist in the mission of Surrender Birth?

Supporting men to lead their wives in birth; designing compelling graphics that will help stir the affections of men and women to birth for the Glory of God.

If you were speaking directly to the dads and soon-to-be dads, what is one piece of advice you would give them, having been on the journey of birth three times?

We need to be encouraged that our role as men in our families is so important that God passes us his very own title, Father. The implications of that are tremendously heavy but liberating in knowing that God is our provider (Philippians 4:19And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.) and example (Ephesians 5:12Add a Tooltip Text). So lead with confidence, and lead as Christ leads his bride.

If you had to pick an attribute of God that He has been teaching your heart most recently, which would it be?

His Goodness. I have found that as I trust him more and more, his goodness becomes more evident and even more trustworthy.

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