We are so excited to offer to our wonderful community an opportunity to receive our DAILY SURRENDER to your phone via SMS text.

Each day you will receive a text to your phone with an encouraging verse, quote, birth affirmation or prayer with an emphasis on Surrendering for His Glory.

We want to be entirely transparent with our community as to why this daily service has a low cost.  For three fantastic reasons:
1. We have a fee associated with providing it to you.

2. We want to continue to provide awesome products and items in our shop and this little bit of income helps us do that.

3. It helps with the other fees associated with keeping Surrender Birth alive (web fees, business costs, etc.)

Think of it as an offering to Surrender Birth, a gift!

Our prayer is that it will daily encourage you to Surrender for His Glory. We hope you will invite us into your “home” and subscribe.

You can unsubscribe at any time which will cancel your subscription. You can do this through your PayPal dashboard or through the button below.


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Get weekly devotionals, encouragement, phone backgrounds directly to your email. In order to stir your affections by reminding you of God's promises in Christ.

Thanks For Signing up! We hope the emails bless your Day!