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Newborn and Postpartum Essential Oil Kit

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Each essential oil kit will contain oils that I have found most helpful during labor and/or during the postpartum and newborn time. The kits include 5 sample bottles containing approximately 20-25 drops each, the perfect amount needed for laboring and sampling! It can be hard to commit financially to all of the wonderful oils during your labor and postpartum time, so we decided to provide you with the variety and pure grade quality oils, in smaller labor-sized bottles. Oil Guides will also be provided with each kit that includes a custom designed card for each oil that gives suggested uses for labor and postpartum.


LemonCleanses and disinfects, helps stop runny noses and is safe for a newborn, provides energy, can be added to water for a gentle detox.
  • Ingest-IconCan provide a gentle detox when added to water.
  • Topical-IconStops runny nose and is safe to apply on newborn.
Bergamot Calming, antidepressant, reduces stress, provides energy and reduces pain.
  • Ingest-IconProvides energy.
  • Smell-IconBrings calming when diffused or inhaled.
  • Topical-IconCan be used as an antidepressant and reduce stress.
Fennel Increases breast milk production, provides digestive support and helps to reduce colic in newborns.
  • Ingest-IconIncreases breast milk production.
  • Topical-IconProvides digestive support; can take internally or apply to stomach.
FrankincenseBoosts immune system, helps with postpartum depression, heals sore bottom and reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Ingest-IconBoosts immune system.
  • Smell-IconReduces postpartum depression.
  • Topical-IconHeals sore bottoms and reduces pain and inflammation.
LavenderRelaxes and balances, can be smelled during the peaks of contractions to bring calming and relaxation, mixes well to increase potency of other oils, and eases after birth pains.
  • Smell-IconReduces postpartum depression.
  • Topical-IconLowers fever in newborns.


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3 reviews for Newborn and Postpartum Essential Oil Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    I contacted Abby about seeing if I could get these oils (which were out of stock at the time) as well as the oils in her postpartum and newborn kit. She was very sweet and responded that she was about to get a shipment in and would put both kits together for me. Everything shipped super quick after she got the shipment and it arrived nicely and neatly packaged (can definitely tell she takes time making sure nothing will break!). She also included neat little cards explaining the different uses for each oil. I’m actually very excited to go into labor (weird, right?) and get to try these oils out! Amazing shopping experience overall.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Shipped on time. Cute packaging.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Awesome kit! Perfect size! Can’t wait to use it on baby, already using it on myself! Thank you so much!

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