Q: You used the words “we,” so who is Surrender Birth?

A: Surrender Birth is now so much bigger than just me, Abby. Surrender Birth is now made up of a team of believers whose ultimate goal is to bring glory to God in birth.

Q: Who is on the team and what do they do?

A: Abby is managing The Shop and rockin’ administrative details. Chelsea is writing blogs (for you!) and focusing on our “Special Project.” Tim is overseeing all of the design and website work, as well as being available to encourage and minister to the men that come here. So, reach out to him if you’re a man! Justin will be handling back-end business details in addition to working with Tim to offer some inspiring stuff for the men. Casey is going to be editing the thousands of mistakes we make. The 5 of us are committed to praying over this journey and over you, our reader. To read more about the Surrender Birth Team see Who We Are  or Contact Us!

Q: What are some ways I can get involved with what Surrender Birth is doing?

A: There are so many ways you can get involved. Where do we start?
    • Subscribing

      Getting updates is the best way to stay in touch with all the “fun stuff” happening around here. You will receive blog post updates to Equip, Educate, and Encourage you, as well as shop events and special discount and sale information. You don’t want to miss those! You will also receive inspiring birth testimonies just to keep you drooling over how amazingly our God works through birth.
    • Sharing

      We also want to hear from you. We plan to host a day each month in which you guys and gals can share with us all your squishy baby, birthy beautifulness!
    • Following

      Of course, you can also keep in touch with us on Social Media.



Q: What do you believe about birth?

A: You can find a list of our beliefs about God, His Word, and Birth in What We Believe.

Q: Are you, Abby, still planning to taking on Doula clients?

A: Abby will not be taking regular doula clients. The Lord really made it clear that right now her focus and responsibility needs to be on her family; therefore, this is going to be the space that Abby will have the privilege to minister and encourage you through your pregnancy and birth. If you would like information on Christian Doulas in the Phoenix area, send us a message. We would love to help!

Q: My wife is pregnant and preparing for birth. How can I encourage and lead her spiritually?

A:Pray. Start with praying for her and if you are comfortable laying your hands on her to invite the Spirit into the upcoming labor and birth of your child.  If you have purchased scripture cards from our shop you can get them out and begin reading them aloud or silently over your wife and your little babe. You can also put on some worship music. Music often softens our hearts and re-focuses our minds on the Father. You can view our suggested playlist, although not comprehensive, it’s a good start. Seek to meet her spoken and unspoken needs.  Women preparing for birth sometimes go inward, concentrating on what is happening or about to happen. As they do that, you can’t always communicate with them directly. So, there may be times of spoken needs and most definitely unspoken needs.  They can be things as simple as making sure she has water. Helping her move from one location to another. Rubbing her feet or lower back can be comforting.  You can remind her softly from time to time how strong she is in Christ, that you are there to hold her up when she needs, and there is nothing she can’t do without Him. You must be entirely present, completely humbled before God, and wholly committed to being her partner till the very end. You must be the vessel God uses to encourage and support your wife.

Q: I saw God at work during my pregnancy and birth; can I share my Birth Testimony?

A: YES! We would love for you to share what God did through your pregnancy and/or birth. You can read a bit about Birth Testimonies and submit your Testimony to abby@surrenderbirth.com. Please include photos from your pregnancy, labor, or any family photos. If they are professional photos, please be sure you leave the watermark on the photos and that you have permission to share. We would be happy to link to any photographer’s website when sharing his or her photos.

Q: Do you think a unmedicated birth is the right way to birth?

A: We do not believe one “type” of birth is more honoring to The Lord than another. The only way to honor The Lord with your birth is to surrender it to Him and seek His glory above all else. This can look differently for different woman, and that is okay. The Lord leads and directs each of us toward different choices and different outcomes. Our responsibility is to educate ourselves, seek Him in prayer, seek His wisdom through the Word, and seek guidance through Godly counsel.

Q:How can I dive deeper into seeking the Lord during my pregnancy and birth here?

A: Glad you asked! This is the heart and soul of Surrender Birth. We want to help you center your birth around The Lord. We desire for fear to be put down and faith to be inserted into its place.
–We have many tools to help you do that such as Verse of the Week posts where you can come, be encouraged through His word, memorize verses that will be helpful for labor, and print out some FREE prints!
–We will also have plenty of educating posts for you to find inspiration and information about how to center your birth around The Lord and what that might look like for you.
–Finally, we will have some tangible things in The Shop you can use during your pregnancy and birth such as Scripture Cards, Essential Oil Kits, and Birth Banners! We will be adding more and more items to the shop as Surrender Birth grows.

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