Aren’t we blessed?  I mean, it’s so cliche this time of year to talk about blessings and thanksgiving because that’s what everyone is doing. It was Thanksgiving last week, after all!

But it’s true.  We are so blessed.  Not just during this time of year, but ALWAYS! In ALL THINGS!

I’m sure each of you expecting mammas have poured out your thanksgiving to God for your sweet blessing growing in your womb.

The real question then becomes:

Have you poured out thanksgiving to Him no matter what the outcome of your upcoming birth may be?

Have you poured out gratitude to Him despite how your birth may have already taken place?

Are you thankful to Him in your life enough to TRUST Him with ALL THINGS, or have you found yourself holding back a little in an effort to protect your heart?

It’s tough thing to do. To SURRENDER right down to saying THANK YOU and praising His name–no matter what happens, how your birth plan changes, or what the outcome truly is. Not just in birth, but in all of our lives.

I sometimes think of Mary, at the feet of Jesus as He took His final breaths on the cross.  That scene in Passion of the Christ gets me every time, where they show the raw emotion of a mother and her son.  I have 5 sons (soon to be 6), and they are really something special in my life.  It must have taken an incredible amount of TRUST for her to SURRENDER in that moment.

THANKFULNESS (in all circumstances) = TRUST (in the God you know loves you) = SURRENDER

For her to be thankful for the sacrifice of her son that day on the cross, she had to COMPLETELY TRUST what He had said, what the Father had said, and what she KNEW of their character and integrity.

For her (Mary) to come to a place where she could PRAISE the Holy One for Christ’s crucifixion is amazing to me.  I’d have been tearing through that crowd, going haywire over the arrest and condemnation of my child.  I can imagine the incredible SURRENDER she had as she remembered and believed that His journey to the cross was to save the world.

But she was not new to SURRENDER.  Her entire journey with Jesus had been one moment of SURRENDER after another.  From conception, to birth, to raising her son…God’s son…

I simply cannot wrap my head around the beautiful mess of SURRENDER she experienced, and the end of Jesus’ life was no different.

If only I could give thanks in ALL the moments of my life and SURRENDER so graciously.

So, as Thanksgiving has passed, and surely your family sat around the table discussing blessings and gifts and all the things you are thankful for, remember…

Be THANKFUL enough to TRUST Him and to SURRENDER to Him in ALL THINGS!

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.

– 1 Chronicles 16:8

Gratitude is most obviously expressed when we are eager to trust Him, even in the unknown. 


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