To all my Dear Friends,

It has finally come. The Rebirth of Surrender Birth.

Over the last year we have been understanding more and more what Surrendering to Christ looks like and how that manifests itself during birth.

We want to share with you the new vision of Surrender Birth in the hope that you will join us, along with couples all over the United States, in praying and supporting the ministry of Surrender Birth.

Our goal for this site is not for women to find a way to cope with pain, by either running from it through medical intervention or denying it through inspirational thought.

The goal for this site is to equip, encourage and educate women who want to rejoice in suffering, and men who want to lead their partners into deeper worship during birth.

Our goal is to steer away from quaint practices of self-help and empowerment. Rather, we want to focus on where our help comes from. Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth, the giver and taker of life.

Our goal is to spread a passion for the supremacy of Christ in birth–that women and men everywhere will not find themselves boasting in what they have done but rejoicing in what God has done. Whether they had a birth at the hospital with an epidural or an all natural birth at home, success is found not in the outcome of the birth but in our worship of Him during that time.

Our goal is for women everywhere to see birth as an opportunity to grow as a child of God and for men to see birth as an opportunity to lead their partners into deeper worship and love of our Father.

Surrender Birth will now encompass three sections.



The first: Equip.

The shop has been on Etsy for a year, but it has now be made available here for you. This shop will be supporting the site and our goals. You will want to run over there because there is a special promo going on to celebrate our new launch! Our shop currently has Essential Oil Kits for Pregnancy and Postpartum, Scripture Cards, and Essential Oil Reference Guides. We are praying and preparing new things to add to the shop, including Scripture Birth Banners! We are passionate about equipping YOU to have what you need for birth, so we will be requesting YOUR feedback on items that YOU want to see added to the shop.


The Second: Encourage.

We are passionate about encouraging women to birth for His glory. Our hope is to encourage you through weekly study and memorizing of God’s Word (with some FREE printables!!) so that your fire for Him will not be put out when presented with pain and trials in life, including birth! We also want to encourage you through Birth Testimonies. We want to create a place where you can go and find encouragement through the testimonies of different ‘kinds’ of birth, with one uniting undertone: God’s glory.


The Third: Educate.

There is so much we can learn about God and what He says about what He created: birth. We will provide information to help you know God more deeply and what His word says regarding the season of pregnancy and birth. These blogs will hopefully be supplemental to growing in the knowledge of how God created us, why he created us, and why we surrender all for the sake of knowing Him. We are also working to not only provide you education through reading blogs, but provide you with education through classes and Bible studies. We have a very special project in the works as well, so stay tuned!

So dear friends, will you join us?

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these posts with friends and family who also find themselves in this season of life.


to studying and memorizing God’s word with us weekly that we would be rooted, covered and growing.


Please come participate with us in the revolution of birth by giving God the Glory.



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