Friends, I’ve been thinking about HOPE! It became invaluable for me to re-explain just a little about what we are trying to do here at Surrender Birth. It is our desire to change the conversation about childbirth.

To shift the paradigm of “I can’t”, “It’s scary”, “It’s painful”, “It’s medical in nature”, “It’s more than I can handle”, etc., to the LORD CAN!

It is our hearts desire here to invite the Lord and all He offers to us back into the birth conversation and expectation. Birth is hard. It is raw. It is carnal and instinctive…it is a wild, beautiful, amazing storm with the most incredible GLORY at the end (no matter how it ends).

We recently shared a birth testimony of grave magnitude.  LOSS…this was the outcome for her…loss.  Was it any less beautiful, amazing or incredible?  Was God any less present in this outcome of birth.

When I myself experienced a miscarriage someone shared with me something along these lines: “The great privilege of a mother is the gift and ability to usher a soul to heaven, to give that created being life.”

We so often imagine life is most valuable on Earth.  We forget sometimes how incredible life is no matter it’s brief existence.  It can be painful, harsh, sorrowful, joyful, adventuresome…I could go on couldn’t you!

There is Hope in Birthing for His Glory!!!

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Our DESIRE here at Surrender Birth is to bring the Lord’s presence back into the pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting conversation so that we might SEE SO CLEARLY how we can experience an intimacy with HIM through giving Him the GLORY through it.

It isn’t about the perfect birth. It isn’t about how strong you were, although many of you are amazingly strong women, full of grit and grace…

It is about HIS GLORY and what HE can do THROUGH US in this thing called childbirth. The HOPE, the HOPE we have is knowing full well GOD WILL BE WITH US.


If we spend our time anchoring in the Father and His TRUTH filling our hearts with confidence, we begin to believe and expect that He can and will do in our lives His perfect will.

He goes before us. He set it in motion. He knows the day, the time, the hour. He has a plan and a purpose.

We are in the unique and amazing place to GLORIFY His Holy name.

Are you anchored in Hope today?

Have you spent time building your confidence in the Lord that you would know full well that He CAN and He WILL?

Your calling today isn’t to plan the perfect birth but to invite the Father into it.  To SURRENDER it to Him and His will.

Plans are great, we support plans.

But, greater than plans is the WILL OF THE FATHER.

It is our prayer that today you feel inspired to Birth for His Glory.  To sink deep into a cup of coffee and His word and draw near to Him…to be anchored in Him.

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