Remember way back in February when we started the 10 Promises in Surrender series and we kicked it off with Strength?

We looked briefly at Faith not Accomplishment. All too often we see God’s strength as an avenue to accomplish something. God wants to strengthen our Faith. This shifts our focus from accomplishing something for our own gain, to strengthening our Faith so God is glorified in the outcome, no matter what it may be.

It is the process of gaining strength as a vessel for God to move in us and through us.  The strength that God supplies often increases our ability  to trust his promises, which might require dying to our envisioned accomplishment or enduring what we wish to escape (1 Peter 4:11).

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Are you an accomplishment oriented person?  I am.  I admit it. I like to check things off lists (well imaginary lists, I don’t actually write lists), make sure things get done during the day, look ahead for what needs to be done tomorrow.  Part of that is the demand of having a large family but the other part is that somewhere in my mind I’ve internalized value in accomplishment.

Accomplishment isn’t all bad.  I think God wants us to be hard workers, doing all things as unto the Lord (Col 3:17). I believe He is honored when we don’t waste our days and instead show discipline and dedication to our task as wives, mothers and homemakers (however that looks to your family).

But, accomplishment isn’t the focus, especially with birth.  We could easily achieve the perfect birth (in our minds) but if we do it without the Lord we’ve missed an incredible blessing and opportunity.

God wants to move in our lives.

He wants to increase our trust and our reliance on Him in our lives. Birth is a perfect opportunity to see God face to face.  We can focus on glorifying Him in the miracle of bringing life into the world.

When you are seeking strength when you feel weak remember that strength comes through Faith so God is glorified.

We pray you have the birth you desire and plan however, we know that often God uses experience that we don’t plan to grow our trust and faith in His strength. We pray you see Jesus and grow close to Him, experiencing His supernatural strength through an increased faith, even if it means putting accomplishment aside for a moment and rest in His strength.

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