“We cannot REST when we don’t trust that God holds all things in His hands.” This was something we read in our very first post on Rest.

I recently spent a week at family camp with my family in California.  I’m like everyone else.  I have my phone and my daily agenda and my clients, etc.  Taking the time to get away with my family and really REST together meant putting all of that aside.  Trusting the Lord that it would all be there when I got back to it, that nothing would slip between the cracks … I had to LET IT ALL GO.

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Rest is coming to the cross with both hands empty and clinging fully to Him.  We can’t do that when we hold things in our hands.  Even just one hand with “stuff” in it keeps us from grabbing Him with both hands.  We don’t have the privilege of coming to the cross with our hands full, asking Him for help, and then wondering why He didn’t do things the way we wanted or desired.  We came to the cross unwilling to fully SURRENDER.

We have to lay it all at the cross, empty our pockets, our hearts, and our hands, and grip onto Him with full commitment, with arms up and open for His embrace.

If we want to Birth for God’s Glory, we can’t grip so tightly to what we want that we MISS what He has in store for us.  Now, I’m a firm believer that God is so faithful to our heart’s desires.  He hears us when we pray, He longs to meet our deepest cries, and I think whenever possible God delivers.  I believe that.  But I also know God is with us when we are faced with letting GO and has many abundant blessings to bestow upon us when we SURRENDER having babies to Him.

Have you come to the cross today with one hand gripped to your plan, your desire, your demands, your expectations … or are you willing to confess them all, good and bad, and lay them at the cross in order to open your hands and grip onto Him with both hands?  Do you trust Him that He will carry you through and bless you much more than you could ever do for yourself?

When we do that, we find that we don’t actually even have to hold on anymore, that God, our great Father, holds us.  We can REST.  But we must TRUST.

Father, let us come to you today on behalf of these precious babies growing in our wombs and lift our arms up, overhead, empty and ready to grab on to your will.  Help us to REST in you.  To take that long deep breath and know that you are in fact the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and your ways are better than our ways, ALWAYS.  Help us to see your Glory in all things and to always expect the best and accept what you give us.

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