I recently attended the birth of a client.  I was reminded again just how incredible God is when it comes to timing: the timing of labor beginning, the duration of labor, the timing of midwives and nurses. This particular client had a history of being early.  I had plans with my family to be out of town right around the time she had given birth last time. We talked through all the possibilities, lined up a backup doula, and prayed like crazy that God’s timing would be perfect.  Either she was meant to have the backup attend her delivery, or He would stay her labor long enough for me to return. Sure enough, I went out of town and returned without labor beginning.  Then, not only did labor not begin while I was gone, the Lord gave her and I and her baby five more days to get things in order, for her father to arrive and to build patience in her heart. He was teaching her something through that time of waiting.  He is always enriching our walk with Him, calling us to trust Him more, forging our faith in the fire when we walk through something. There is always the temptation to intervene when we feel “done.” But the reality is, her baby wasn’t ready, and the Lord would set all things into motion in His perfect time.  As the doula, although my plans and obligations take a back seat to the client’s timing of labor, I always ask God to pick the perfect day so I have childcare and support with my family, making it easier to be there for my client. God never fails. He chose the perfect day, hour, and duration of labor for her to bring into this world the most perfectly ready, healthy, and wonderful baby boy. God knew the hour and the time for her and for me, and it always brings me to my knees in praise. Having six children and expecting another in December isn’t exactly the perfect scenario for being a doula…but God knows what clients I need and who/when/how to make it all fall together. He truly is always glorified through our birth experiences, and I’m so blessed to be a part of it. Why did I tell you all of this? To encourage you that God truly does KNOW all things.  And the more we KNOW Him and have a deep knowledge that He holds all things in His hands, the more we can Surrender. In a past post on knowledge, we wrote, “Nothing escapes His witness. Nothing can be hidden from Him; nothing is forgotten by Him. His knowledge is perfect. He does not make mistakes and He does not overlook.  He, the creator God, KNOWS all things and sees us, His image bearers, clearly and with full understanding.” That says it all. He not only knows what is best, but He knows what is to come, He knows what we need as we walk through it, He knows how deeply we need Him. Maybe you are awaiting the beginning of labor, the perfect day to have your baby, and for all the details of life to line up. Or maybe you’re waiting to get pregnant or awaiting an adoption. Just remember this: it might not be the timing, day and hour, with all the details you expect or desire, but it is His PERFECT TIME, designed and orchestrated by the Lord. Spend more time in the Word, more time in worship, more time in prayer, and confess to the Lord all the things you hope for and desire while praising Him for His faithfulness and perfect timing.  Be patient, overflowing with trust, and see each day God gives you with baby in your womb as another day closer to baby being more ready to face the world. Friends, God is so good, all the time. And even when babies come early and challenges may be faced, that too is not outside God’s perfect design or plan.  He is omniscient and He loves you. Trust Him and Birth for the Glory of God. As a sweet little sidenote, my client had always had her water break before the onset of labor.  This time around she tested positive for GBS.  Although GBS and the transmission to newborns, along with treatment, should be questioned and heavily researched prior to making a decision, there was concern the hospital would make it more difficult to go home if she wasn’t treated and her water had been broken a significant amount of time.  Well, God is good all the time, and the three-time-water-breaking pattern was broken; her water was intact until 15 minutes prior to delivery.  Where she could have had anxiety and worry, there was trust and informed decision-making.  God performed a small miracle for her that day!



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