I just laid him down for a nap.  His blond little head lays down on the pillow and I press my body against him to squeeze him and hold him tight. He’ll never be this old again! (I’m a weepy mom sometimes with how fast time flies by!)

I gaze at his little nose, his freckles kissing his cheeks, and smooch his little face and cheeks about a thousands times before he closes his eyes for a few hours.  He had been sad this morning.  Asking all sorts of questions about his Grammy dying (she isn’t dead he had just been thinking about it and processing what happens when people die.) It touched his heart to think of life without her. It brought tears too. As it should. Loss is hard. The idea of loss is hard.

I comforted him with my words.  Reminding him how much he is loved. Telling him how wonderful his time with her now will be and all the memories they make will be treasured forever.
I also wrapped my arms around him as I laid him down, kissed him and told him how special he is and how much she (Grammy) loves him.

I thought about how pregnancy and childbirth is so similar in this way. Aside from the obvious pain of physical loss which so many of you can atest to and have experienced, we often too experience loss in other ways.

For many of us, pregnancy just doesn’t go the way we “hoped” it would. We don’t feel the way we thought we’d feel being pregnant. We have anxiety or stress. We struggle with the unknowns.  We have fears. We can also become saddened when plans take a gravely different path than we expected.

God is such an incredible painter.  He has made all women and families experience bringing life into the world in colorful, amazing, unique ways. No journey is the same.

No matter the storm, we have the most comforting, loving, compassionate God who WANTS to be our place of refuge.


He comforts us with His word and He comes to us through His spirit and comforts us in our flesh. He whispers how much we are loved and tells us He has it all under control. He has made promises as such.  He is faithful.

I imagine He gazes at our freckles and eye lashes and wants to rub His hand over our heads just as I did my son.  He is our Father God and our Comforter.  Through ANY storm.

Let us meditate on this scripture”

Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken. ~Psalm 55:22

Today’s Prayer:
Father, wrap your arms around us as we travel through this pregnancy and impending delivery. Whatever unexpected twists, turns, disappointments, fears and unknowns may exist we are confident you love us and you are our refuge. Remind me daily to come to my knees. To bring my hearts hurts and habits before you. Like a child, help me to come to the throne of the Lord.


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