This week we cover what it means to be under God’s grace.  We have established that we are Rooted in His LOVE, Growing in His Promises and, the final piece of the puzzle, which drives us to SURRENDER, is that we are covered by His incredible Grace.

Grace is a gift to you.  It is not something you can earn.  It is not something you can achieve, through anything you do. Instead, it is the unmerited favor of God, given to you, even in your sinful flesh, upon the redemption of His blood in your life.

That’s it.  Well, that’s not really it, because GRACE is this amazing thing, and it is so incredible once we finally, truly understand what it’s all about. If we are in Christ, we are under His Grace. His blood covers all of our shortcomings, failures and human error.

Surrender Birth Christian Childbirth Rooted, Growing, Covered

Grace has been exhibited to us through all of scripture, long before Jesus took on the cross.  All through the Old Testament we see the picture of God’s incredible Grace (that was yet to come through Jesus).  The Hebrew word is Chesed. It paints the picture of “deliverance from enemies, affliction, or adversity. It also denotes enablement, daily guidance, forgiveness, and preservation.”  Over and over again God delivered the Israelites, His chosen people, from the enemy and affliction.  Not because they deserved it, but because He loved them.  He chose them. Once He chose them, there was nothing they could do to separate themselves from His love and Grace.  God would discipline them and consequences came from their disobedience, but He ALWAYS redeemed and delivered them.

In the New testament the Greek word is Charis. This word specifically deals with the salvation we find in Christ, through His blood.  Grace is God showing His love to you even though you don’t deserve it. You can’t earn God’s grace. You do not deserve to be saved from sin and to have eternal life. But God showed His grace by saving you from sin’s punishment when you trusted in Jesus as your Savior.

The Bible says, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith . . .” (Ephesians 2:8).

As we grow and are sanctified through God’s word and our relationship with Him, through the Holy Spirit, we are more able to SURRENDER to Him.  But we aren’t perfect.  We often forget all the goodness and reward that comes with knowing our Savior.  His Grace covers us, all the time. We can’t spoil our relationship with Him.  We can’t run out of His love.  He ALWAYS welcomes us with open arms because of His incredible Grace.

He delivers us from enemies (which can sometimes be ourselves) and affliction (pain, struggle, adversity) and gives us daily guidance, forgiveness and preservation, even when we stray and forget His promises. Ultimately, we are redeemed by His blood through our faith, even when faith seems small.

Sweet sisters, be encouraged today that God’s Grace is sufficient for you…ALL the TIME.  He is enough and in Him is the ability to fully SURRENDER your pregnancy, labor and the rearing of your child(ren).  We know we are crooked, right? We are sinful and fleshly and, left to ourselves, we could self destruct, implode or completely derail what our hearts truly desire.  Especially when we are scared or there is an unknown. But Grace … grace makes all the difference.

“The law detects, grace alone conquers sin.” – Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430)

If we desire to SURRENDER our births to the Lord and Birth for the Glory of God, we must allow Grace to conquer sin and SURRENDER without question.

When you feel you have failed, look up.  Remember He has covered you in His perfect Grace. Not because you earned it or deserve it, but simply because He loves you.


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