It’s so amazing to me how perfectly the Lord seems to time our posts on Surrender Birth.  I’d been planning to post last week and then with my husband gone on a trip the week got away from me.  Truth is, I was struggling with what to write about as well.

Trust is this amazing concept that when I think about it I realize it comes so naturally to us (barring any past pains and hurts) and easily at first and then so easily and quickly can be broken.

I was spending time with my children this week. Just hanging out in the hammock in their room and watching them play and laugh and wrestle (I have 6 boys and 1 girl so there is a lot of wrestling around our house.) My younger boys have a triple high bunk bed in their room that my husband built a few years ago.

My 3 year old quickly climbed to the top of the bunks and in a flash (the kind that you find yourself wondering how did they move so fast I only looked away for a second) he was launching off the top saying “mommy I’m jumping.” In what could only be super human mom powers I managed to get underneath him and catch him. I pretty much saved his life.

Of course we chatted about choices and safety and how that scared mommy…you know the mommy drill.

Afterwards, later in the day I was thinking about what in the world would cause him to jump without warning.  I realized…He TRUSTS me.

But, His trust is not blind.  For his entire life I’ve shown my love for him. I’ve caught him before. Saved him before from precarious situations. Held him when he bleeds from a scratch and calls for a bandaid 3x’s the size of the owie. I’ve found him when he’s lost.  Guided him when he is scared. Cried when he cried and laughed when he laughed.

My character has proven to him he can have faith in me. And in return, I’m trustworthy. 

Trust, real trust, comes from the faith the Lord has given us.  We know Him. We know His character.  He has caught us when we fall. He has held us when we cry.  He knows us and what we need intimately. We have a relationship with Him and because of that we can TRUST Him.

Sometimes just remembering daily WHO GOD IS helps us increase our trust in Him. Here are two amazing tools to help you meditate on who the Lord is. You can print them or save them to your phone.

The more time you spend with Him and in His word and the more you know Him, the greater your TRUST in Him will be.

Small Header Bar Trust

This weeks Prayer:

Lord, help me to know you more so my trust in you will be unwavering, full of confidence in WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE in my life.  You care about birth.  You care about how I birth.  You love me.  You hold me, care for me, carry me, weep with me and rejoice with me.  Father, I trust you because of the faith you have given me in who you are.  Thank you Jesus for your unending love and perfect character. Amen


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