A mother kneels at the feet of her dying son.  He’s been tormented…time has slowed as his body suffers and begins to fail.  She weeps, surrounded by the people in his short life who knew him best.  Amidst their tears is also praise and peace. You can see it in her eyes.  She has this strength that cannot be explained.  A serenity that you can feel but not put your finger on.  You wonder if she knows something you do not know.

From a 300 foot view I peer in and wonder “how is she sitting there, caressing him, weeping, and watching him as he slips away. I would be done…life jolted beyond compare.  I am so weak, she must be so much stronger than I could ever hope to be.”

Her strength comes from Christ.  From her deep knowledge and relationship with Jesus.  In this quiet yet lingering moment she has put EVERYTHING into her Father God.  The strength we see doesn’t come from her, but is supernatural and comes from above.


This is the foundational definition of strength for Surrender Birth. To recognize that strength will never, could never, come from us. From our flesh. From our brokenness.  But, rather, gloriously comes from the Father.

We forget, even as women of God, that we are not capable or able on our own.  We MUST be IN CHRIST! We MUST do all things IN CHRIST!

The woman in this story is Mary, the mother of Jesus.  I think of her so often when I think of his crucifixion.  Since becoming a mother myself I almost always let my thoughts wander to her as he was hung upon the cross in front of her eyes and for all to see.  She witnessed his torment. The mockery. The blasphemy.  To say it cut her deeply would be an understatement.

Her strength must have been supernatural.  She must have known that in her own weakness she could never bear what was happening before her.  But, in the Lords strength she was a testimony of Grace and Trust.  And we cannot even be sure she knew he would rise in 3 days.  She wasn’t holding tightly to the promise of him being risen but was simply strong in the strength only Christ can give, in the moment, with the unknown.

Mama, are you able to admit your weakness and allow God’s strength to do a wonderful work in you?

A few lines from our Birth for His Glory Audio say:
–He goes before you in all things.  He’s already made a path for you. Believe in His strength and might to get you through.

–We are confident in that if we ask for anything He is faithful to give it to us.  Seek His strength today in place of your own, which is limited and unable to withstand.

–God is not far off, He is close. He has come quickly to you to comfort and give you strength. He is your source of help.  Your own efforts and flesh cannot provide for you the great strength and Love only He can give.

Tuck these truths into you heart.  Draw upon them as you go this pregnancy and into motherhood.  We will need the strength only he can give.

This week let us meditate on this scripture:

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

And let us pray the following prayer with each other:

Father, show me my weakness that I might begin the journey to true, biblical strength that only comes from you.  Help me to see where you write my story and give up the areas in which I want to try to write it on my own.  I know you Love me.  I Love you.  Give me strength as I carry this child you knit together in my womb.  Give m your strength as I face many trials and the trial of labor and delivery.  Help me to be strong when I am weak! ~ Amen




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