We are starting a new series called Def{in}itions. You may wonder why the letters {in} are shaped that way and I’d love to explain.

We are going to walk through the Promises of Surrender for the next ten weeks (10 Promises) and strip back the layers to look {in}side, to get deeper into what defines each word or promise.

In addition, as I was preparing for the series I realized that with each of the Promises we cannot even begin to tap {in}to their incredible power {in} our lives without first, FIRST, being {in} Christ.  Not just familiar with Christ.  Not simply a believer in word but not in deed.  But, truly, deeply, ROOTED in Christ.

Part of Surrender’s theme is that we are Rooted, Growing & Covered.  We must first be ROOTED {in} His Love.


In a previous post on this topic we said the following:

 This is the foundation for our journey with Jesus and our growth in His promises.

In a nutshell, justification is when we are declared righteous, made right with God (Romans 3:21-26).  Just that sentence alone could move me to tears.  His stripes … His blood … His merciful and perfect sacrifice given on the cross through HIS LOVE FOR US has made us right with God.

Mammas, ladies, friends, we MUST be {in} Jesus, justified by His blood and planted deeply into a relationship with Him to clearly see what theses promises in Surrender mean in our lives and especially in our pregnancy, labor and delivery.

WIll you join me in spending this week preparing our hearts?

Getting back to a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus as we experience this small person growing in our womb?

As begin this series next week, I’d love to have all our mommies in this community meditating on what it means to be {in} Jesus and how that affects your journey as a mother.



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