Right out the gate it is important to know that Faith is something given to us by the Lord when we are saved out of our sinful depravity.  When the Lord comes and finds us and through His blood on the cross, saves us to Himself for time and eternity. When the Lord saves us, when He reveals to us the amazingness of who He is all the time, we realize we can believe is something, the Lord. We FINALLY KNOW who He is and He is perfect and His promises are real.

This is the path to true Faith, which is comprised of believing in something (God) and then allowing that to impact our lives (Trust).

Faith Definitions

God, without any qualifiers, simply in God and who He is.

Faith, pistos, is conviction of the truth of anything, and trust or confidence springing from that conviction.  These two words for faith work together.

From this faith in God, this conviction in the truth, we know we can Surrender our pregnancy, labor, birth, motherhood, marriage, the teen years and life, day to day…to Christ.  Thank Goodness, right?

We will have hopes, dreams, and prayers but ultimately we know that all these things rest on the foundation of faith and give us hope!

“We are convinced of the reality of things unseen by the truth or confidence we have in God. If someone we love, respect and trust promises us something — a gift, trip, etc., though we have not seen the promised thing we desire and expect it. Why? Because of the confidence we have in the integrity and honesty of the person who promised it.” 1 It is because of who God is that we can have Faith in Him.

~We know, when we feel desperate, we can call out to the Lord and we have faith that He hears and will respond.

” The Lord sees everything you do. Wherever you go, he is watching.” Proverbs 5:21

~We have faith, when we are facing the unknown, a shadow lurking…the Lord is always good.  His plans are always grounded in His goodness.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD” Jer 29:11

~We have faith, after all the planning, researching, reading, and hours of learning to be a mama, that all things will fall as they should, even with detours and sharp right turns (which will come).

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. Our faith isn’t a shout of luck tossed up into the world without knowing how it will land.” Isaiah 55:8

Our Faith is rooted in our belief in Jesus and living that out according to who HE IS!

Catch this mamas…Jesus, the King of the World, He hears you, He knows you, He sees your heart, He hears your dreams…Have FAITH in HIM to see it all through!

And, through it all…FAITH DISPELS FEAR.

Faith sets us before the Lord. Faith means we need not fear. Faith moves us towards God and forward!

The Rock!—His deeds are perfect, Yea, all His ways are just; A faithful God, never false, True and upright is He. Deut 32:4

This weeks Prayer:

Lord, thank you for Who You Are.  The great God, creator of the Earth. You love us, so much you come down and save us from our sin. You are ever faithful.  And, Father, because of this, we KNOW, we have confidence and conviction that we can trust you! Help remind us each day of your promises. Help us to place our faith in you, when we cannot see the turn in the road, when we do not know what is to come, when we aren’t sure how we got where we are. Father, help me to cast out fear and replace it with Faith. Father we LOVE you. ~Amen


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