We know endurance is something we can do, something we will at some point be called to do. Scripture tells us many times of how we will need endurance. Both in this world, among our culture, through trials, as the body of Christ through history, and more.

So the question isn’t whether we will need endurance but rather…How do we endure? How do we endure in a way that honors the Lord? How can we endure and bring Him Glory? Especially when we are pregnant or laboring…endurance is demanded but how can we do it?

One of our Promises to Surrender is Endurance.  Endurance is being steadfast when feeling weak and worn while having hope in what Christ will do.

And like a ton of bricks I realized something…in order to Endure we must REMEMBER Him. Not just think of Him from time to time while we are laboring or pray as a sidebar or a last ditch effort to make it to the end.

No. We must remember Him in a way that glorifies Him and makes Labor ABOUT Him.

We must remember HIM without ceasing. We must put HIM at the front of our minds. And then…we Hope in Him and Endure.

He must be constantly in our minds and our lips (both figurative and literal!)

When mamas are staring down labor (or anything challenging in life for that matter) we must bring ourselves to a place or constantly remembering Him. In these moments we show “works” of faith produced by the faith given to us by God that is deep in our hearts.

We have hope, endurance, love, trust, strength, and more.  We meditate on His word. We sing His praises on our lips.  We cry out to Him when we need Him most and glorify Him when we see His mighty works. This is actually called “faithful activity”. It is a work of our faith. We put it into action in these moments.

Jesus’ early disciples are such incredible examples of endurance as they were fully convinced of the truth of Christ, so as not to be shaken in mind by objections and doubts; and they were willing to leave all for Christ.

Mama’s, are you convinced of the truth of the Lord and willing to leave it all for Christ?

Are you ready to remember Him without ceasing so that you may endure all things?

When people call childbirth a labor of Love they unwittingly give praise to the Labor of Love we do for Jesus as believers…the faithful activity in a time of trial.  We pour out our love to Him as we endure, trust, hope, and pray and from a heart that has been saved by His grace. We have “hopeful endurance of trials,” a steadfast endurance which is grounded upon and cheered by hope.

Mama’s are you able to remember Him constantly and through HOPE be moved to endurance?

We pray for you today.  That Jesus our Lord would be at the forefront of your minds and through hope and love you might experience ENDURANCE in trials.

Remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and endurance of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thess 1:3

This weeks Prayer:

Father help me to be constantly remembering you.  Help me to cry out to you when I feel weak. Help me to praise you when I feel strong.  Help me to be about “faithful activity” spawned from a heart of love and salvation from you. Help me to hope in you and to then have endurance in times of trials. An endurance that only comes from you and the joy found in belonging to you! Help me to be so convinced of your truth that I will follow Christ at all costs.  Amen.



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