Friends, it has been a long journey to finally being able to release the Birth for His Glory Audio.  We have poured so many days, nights, prayers, sweat and tears into creating this project for you and it has finally arrived.

Our heart behind this project was to create something Christian families could use to fill their minds and hearts with God’s word during pregnancy and labor.  There is a very popular method of coping with childbirth which enlists the aid of hypnosis.  As Christians, we thought there had to be a better way to prepare our hearts and minds instead of emptying our minds.  We wanted a way in which listeners could fill their minds with God’s truth and sweet reminders of the miracle of their birth journey.

The hope wasn’t to copy or replace the hypnosis aspect but instead rewrite how we look at and experience birth completely.  It is natural. It is powerful. It is divine and supernatural. And God is with us.  Surrender is critical.  We want to surrender our birth and everything about it so that we might Birth for His Glory! We want to meditate on God’s word and put His truth above all things.

Sweet friends, we pray you will purchase a copy from the shop and begin listening throughout your pregnancy journey. And, when labor begins, that your ear buds and your phone will be by your side ready to fill your heart and mind with God’s most perfect word.

The audio is broken into 11 tracks which are based off of the 10 Promises of Surrender and an 11th track of more general scripture and mantras you can repeat to yourself. Each track is 7 minutes long and each song was especially composed for Surrender Birth by Justin Unger. We are so blessed with his cooperation with us on this project.

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