Here at Surrender Birth we are passionate about meeting moms wherever we can to encourage and equip them to Surrender to the Lord as they walk the journey of pregnancy and motherhood.  We utilize our blog here on the site, our Facebook and Instagram communities, and the items we sell in the shop all to encourage and help mamas to Birth for His Glory and make Surrender a lifestyle.

We are excited to roll out a collection of Affirmations to Surrender for your iPhone lock screen.  There are 10 Promises to Surrender that make up the theme here and we like to keep things focused around these promises believing it is these Promises to Surrender that aide us in fully Surrendering and Birthing for God’s Glory: Strength, Courage, Endurance, Hope, Comfort, Knowledge, Rest, Faith, Trust, and Patience.

In the past, we’ve offered iPhone lock screens as a part of our 10 Promises to Surrender Series.  You can find them at the bottom of each post in that series. Those iPhone lock screens are comprised of specific scriptures we love based on that promise. They are a wonderful addition to your life as well.  You can also print them and hang them on the wall if you desire.

Here, you will find iPhone lock screen images comprised of spoken affirmations (as opposed to scripture) still focused entirely on the 10 Promises to Surrender.  It is our hope that as you save them and make them your lock screens on your phone you will be reminded each time you reach for your phone of that affirmation in your life.

You can download and save them all, rotate them through weekly or daily as you need them or utilize the ones that speak to you the most.  Our prayer is that you are encouraged each day to Surrender your birth, your family, your motherhood, your marriage and more to the King of Kings.

Surrender Birth Birth Affirmations for iPhone Lock Screens Positive Free iphone lock screens for Christians


“This was amazing…I came across this amazing audio and knew I needed it. Each night I feel asleep listening to it and I become connected and knew with God I was able to what my body needed to do for my amazing home birth. And it did. Thank you so much.”
Hannah P.


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