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Surrender Birth is made up of Believers seeking to place every aspect of their lives under the Lordship and Authority of Christ through prayer, guidance of the Holy Spirit, and studying the Word of God. We are passionate about God’s glory in birth and surrendering to His desire to bring forth life.

Surrender Birth is also YOU! A community of believers coming together and supporting each other before and after birth. We are urging each other to seek the Lord and praise Him for giving us the gift of new life found in Christ. 

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Chelsea BW

Chelsea Martin – Owner

Chelsea is a Christ follower, deeply knowing she is covered by His Grace and Mercy. She is a mamma to six, 6 sons and 1 daughter, a birth doula, wanna-be writer, lover of all things spicy and a dreamer. She is a committed to helping families see and experience Jesus in their birth and family journey. When we surrender to the Creator and invite Him to participate with us we finally find the “perfect” birth.


Justin BW

Justin Martin – Business Manager

Justin is a builder of “things”…like tree houses, spreadsheets, and small armies. He is a lover of apologetics and has experienced God’s amazing grace in his life. Justin enjoys camping and playing sports with his family. As a native of Northern California, Justin misses his Harley and the water but loves his wife Chelsea more than motorcycles AND waterskiing!


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